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Features and Benefits of a London Life Mortgage

Re-Advancable Mortgages

If you have an original mortgage through London Life, you can borrow up to the original loan amount without incurring any legal fees (transfer mortgages require amending agreements with title insurance costs for the first re-advance.)

Flexible Payment Options

You can choose to make your mortgage payments monthly, semi-monthly, weekly or bi-weekly allowing you to control the timing of your various payment obligations. By paying weekly or bi-weekly you will substantially reduce your amortization period and save interest costs.

Increase Payments up to 15%

Increase your regular payment by up to 15%, once again saving you interest and helping to build home equity faster. Also, you can choose to pay twice your regular mortgage payment on any payment date which is applied directly against the principal balance of your mortgage.

Lump Sum Prepayments

Once each calendar year you may prepay up to 15% of the original amount of your mortgage without any fees or penalties.

90 Day Rate Guarantee on New Mortgages

If interest rates fall after you’ve signed your mortgage application, you’ll receive our lowest offered rate from the date of your application to your closing date (max. 90 days). If interest rates rise during this period, you’re guaranteed the lower rate.

No Cost Transfer

If you have an existing mortgage and you choose to take advantage of the features of a London Life mortgage, you can transfer it over at no cost - no legal fees, no appraisal fees, etc.


If you are planning a move, you can avoid expensive penalties on your mortgage by either taking it with you to your new qualifying property, or using it as a selling feature on your current home and letting the new qualified buyers assume it.

Cashback Option

London Life mortgage clients are eligible for cashback of up to 4% of their new mortgage amount upon funding.

Early Renewal Option

Take advantage of the lower interest rates and renew the mortgage early with a blended rate.

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